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“What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You”

Bonus 3-part course to fire up your metabolism and boost your energy

Hypothyroid Symptoms In Women Sm

Do You Have Hypothyroid Symptoms?

There are 8 different types of Hypothyroidism, and only ONE of those will show up on typical lab work. Did you know that? Finally, some answers!

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Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms Sm

Thyroid-Adrenal Connection

Here you will learn how Adrenal Fatigue can actually cause thyroid problems, weight gain, hormone imbalances, and leave you feeling exhausted! Plus what you can do about it starting today!

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Essential Labs Thyroid Problems Sm

Essential Thyroid Labs

An easy to understand explanation of which thyroid labs you need, and why you need them.

PLUS, a printable list to take to your doctors office.

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A Few of Our Testimonials…

“I began feeling better after just one week…
Working with Kirsten has changed my life!”


“I always considered myself an individual who lived a healthy lifestyle—and for the most part I was.  After all, I ate a vegetarian diet, exercised routinely, and used organic health and beauty products.  About a year ago, something began to change.  I noticed I was getting sick more often and always felt run down.  Most prominent, however, was the unbearable fatigue.  I could barely get through my days.  With an overloaded schedule, I simply blamed the tiredness on overexertion, but as the schedule lightened and the fatigue grew worse, I knew something was drastically wrong.

“Having the opportunity to work with Kirsten has changed my life.  I began feeling better after just one week of taking the supplements that she tailored specifically for my needs.  Today, two months since I began working with Kirsten, I have done a complete 180 degree turn around.

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Danielle B.
Itasca, IL

“Energy throughout the day and lost 22 pounds without dieting”


“I never, ever had a problem with my weight before. I have always loved to eat, buy yet was slim and in shape with lots of energy. I never had to worry about gaining a pound. Well, until I reached the age of 26 that is when my body & metabolism started to change – something in my body wasn’t feeling quite the same. I had a very stressful job; I was in sales and was constantly stressed and tensed. I traveled frequently, ate out due to the nature of the job and had no time to exercise.

“To make a long story short, I thought I could take care of it with a better diet and lifestyle. I thought I was eating healthy – after all, I loved my veggies & fruits.  And I got plenty of sleep, but yet, I was still exhausted ALL the time.  I had absolutely NO energy!  I just couldn’t lose the weight, and I was tired and irritable with little patience. This fatigue that I felt had absolutely taken over me! I just didn’t have the energy to “thrive” and to get my tasks & goals accomplished anymore.

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Gisella A.
Redondo Beach, CA

“I sleep through the night now, lost 15 pounds and 2 inches off my waist…all without dieting”


“I had trouble losing body fat, though I was exercising regularly and eating healthy.  When I increased my workouts to 6 per week, I was not able to sleep well.  I would fall asleep at about 1:30 AM, and sometimes as late as 4:30 AM. And I’d wake up all through the night, sometimes up to 20 times per night.  This would affect my energy and my ability to function during the day.    I also noticed soreness and weakness of joints, bruising easily, headaches from beer and sugar, digestive problems (ulcer) and difficulty gaining muscle mass and strength (where in the past that was never a problem).

I tried melatonin to help me sleep.  And while it helped me fall asleep, it did not help me stay asleep.  And I would still wake up multiple times throughout the night.  I ate clean and healthy, thanks to my wonderful wife.  I was working out, and I avoided many foods that irritated me.  But this was not enough. I suspected I may have Adrenal Fatigue, so I contacted Kirsten.  She helped me get to my real root issues right away, and within a few weeks I was already feeling better.

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Joel H.
Hot Springs, SD

“It was so exciting to see the pieces fall into place, and I began to feel improvements almost immediately.”


“Before I began working with Kirsten, I struggled with various health issues that affected my ability to live the life I wanted. Although I had been on a journey of healing for several years and had experienced small improvements along the way, I wanted more. I wanted to feel healthy, energized and well; instead my body felt exhausted, my brain felt “foggy”, and my emotions felt out of control.

I was constantly worrying about my diet, afraid that what I was eating or not eating was the source of my problems. I would try to exercise consistently, but could only push myself so far before I would give up from a lack of energy. I had digestive issues even four years after eliminating foods I had tested allergic to (including gluten, coffee, and shrimp), as well as experimenting with various diets to try to heal myself.  I struggled with depression, especially during the winter months. I was also cold most of the time, which made me want to do nothing but sit with a blanket and whatever comfort food I could find!

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Hanna N.
Denver, CO