Kirsten Potter - Functional Nutritionist - Ft. Collins, Colorado

Who is Kirsten Potter?

Kirsten helps her clients become the BEST version of THEMSELVES


While some people just want to feel better, like they used to feel, Kirsten goes deeper…

She helps people go beyond their goals, and find out how amazing the human body can really feel!

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Kirsten helps people to:

  • get to their ROOT issues and heal
  • UNDERSTAND why they have their symptoms
  • find all-day energy,
  • rev up their metabolisms and
  • feel like themselves again.
  • Listen to their body, and understand it.
  • Make nutrition simple and individualized

She helps people to significantly shorten their healing time, by getting to their ROOT issues. And she teaches them simple ways to be self sufficient and maintain their good health.

Why is Kirsten so Uniquely Gifted to Help Others Find Healing?

Kirsten is not a practitioner who read about your condition in a text book, but who has never experienced first-hand, how bad it can really get, and how desperate and frustrating it feels.

Kirsten is not a health food clerk who has never studied your medical history, symptom pattern and lab work, but who will recommend you buy their supplements anyway.

Kirsten has been there.

And she has found healing! 

With her extensive professional training, research and experience she’s had since then, Kirsten is able to study your health condition, and connect the dots between how you feel and your ROOT issues, and give you the answers and help you’ve been searching for.

Who does Kirsten LOVE to work with?

Kirsten loves to work with people who believe that their body has the amazing ability to heal itself.  They seek natural approaches and want to prevent sickness.  They are open, teachable, and passionate about getting well.

We are a great match if:

  • You tired of hearing that there is nothing wrong with you, or nothing else you can do, and you want answers!
  • You are frustrated beyond words with things that don’t work!
  • You believe your body can heal itself, and you are seeking pure and natural approaches.
  • You want to get to your ROOT issues, and stop masking the symptoms.
  • You struggle with giving up at times, but you are willing to do what it takes to get your life back and feel like yourself again!
  • You want to feel and look your best (the natural way, with no side effects down the road).
  • You can’t go on another day like this, and you are ready to feel better right now!
  • You are very busy, trying to balance your life, your career, and/or your family, and you need something that is doable!

I’m not the choice for you if:

  • You just want a drug to make your symptoms go away, and you could care less to know what your real ROOT issues are.
  • The health inside of your body doesn’t matter, you just want to look good on the outside.
  • You don’t think you have the time (or are worth) getting the help you need to feel better – you just take care of everyone else…
  • You could care less about how to eat right for your body’s specific needs.
  • You don’t believe that diet, exercise and emotional wellbeing have any impact on your health.
  • You are not interested in preventing disease or illness in your body, and you don’t believe your body can heal itself.
  • You’d rather have a surgery than to eat a salad.
  • Your health complaints are really not that bad, and you can just live with them…

Education and Certifications

Kirsten is a Licensed Pastoral Medical Provider (D.PSc), Certified Functional Nutritionist (FDN), Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner (NRT), Health Coach (HHC), Thyroid Patient Advocate, Author, Speaker, Member of the American Academy of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), and she is also completing her educational requirements to become a Naturopathic Doctor.  She continually studies under the teachings of many wise practitioners, including that of Dr Royal Lee and his former mentor, Dr. Weston A. Price, who have taught countless practitioners to enable to body to heal itself, the way it was designed to do.

But most of all, Kirsten is someone who has been there… and found freedom. 

She has been in those shoes… and walked that path…  and found healing!  Now she can help YOU!

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A few random and fun facts about Kirsten:

  • Kirsten loves gardening, scuba diving, and soaking in the sun.

  • Kirsten loves to meet people everywhere she goes and to hear their stories.
  • Kirsten is deeply inspired by those who do not give up.
  • Kirsten enjoys teaching, speaking and writing about health and healing, to people who are passionate about making the most out of their lives.
  • Kirsten used to do occasional wedding photography, work as a Professional Organizer, an assistant to a Naturopathic Doctor while in college, and she had a 12 year career in dentistry as a Dental Hygienist.
  • For years, Kirsten has been a singer and guitar player. She was in a band in her 20’s, and now deeply enjoys serving on the worship team at her church.
  • Kirsten has experienced a rough past, and the loss of her first born son. She feels this has caused her to have a gigantic amount of compassion, love and appreciation of other people, who have also known rough times…
  • Kirsten deeply treasures long lasting friendships with those she gets to know.
  • Although she may look “normal”, Kirsten secretly considers herself a “nerd” because of her love for reading, learning, and figuring out how things work.

Kirsten is grateful for:

  • The reckless, uninhibited and unfathomable LOVE that God has for her, and all of mankind.
  • For being loved as she is (not as she “should” be).
  • For her Bible, Aveda, and comfortable shoes.
  • The healing in her body, and for feeling better than she ever dreamed was possible.
  • For her wonderful husband and family.
  • For her french press, which she uses to make the “perfect” coffee and tea.
  • And for having the most wonderful clients anyone could ask for!