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Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email that will read “Welcome to the PMA Family” in the subject line. 

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PMA License Card

Kirsten Potter is a Licensed Pastoral Medical Provider on a national level. This means she is part of a well-established and rapidly growing body of licensed natural health practitioners with the Pastoral Medical Association, who train and network together in order to better serve you.

Membership is 100% FREE to you, and it comes with many benefits!

Please click here to read more about the Pastoral Medical Association: PMA – For The Public


FAQ Section

Q. What benefits do I get from being a PMA member?

A. There are many befits available to you! Here are some favorites:

  • Savings & Discounts with Natural Thyroid Healing – You will qualify for special rates, discounts and offers with us for being a PMA member.
  • Find a qualified natural or holistic M.D. – With access to a nation-wide directory of natural and holistic practitioners of all disciplines.
  • Order your own lab work – Access to the Discount Laboratory Program, where you can order your own lab work directly for you and your family with significant savings.
  • Natural news, health tips and resources – Published by the Pastoral Medical Association, and found on their website.
  • Protection and peace of mind – You can contact the licensing board directly to either file a complaint, or to verify that a PMA license is active and in good standing.


Q. What does this cost me?

A. Don’t worry, there really is no charge – ever, to be a PMA non-practitioner level member! And there are NO hidden fees, plus no one will ask you for a credit card number at any time.


Q. Will my information be shared?

No, your information will NEVER be shared – We promise.


Q. I don’t like filling out forms. For me they are very confusing. Do you have instructions to help me?

A. Yes, no problem! You’ll find step-by-step instructions below. This is a very EASY process.

Simply click here , or copy and paste into your browser.

On the first page you will see “New Member Registration” shown below, enter your email address and your preferred password.


After you enter the requested information, click the “create my Account” button, you will see the following message:

(NOTE: At this time you will also receive an email with a copy of the membership terms. If you do not receive the email, please double check the email address you entered and correct any mistakes.)


Don’t leave yet, you are not through. YOU MUST click the green “create account now” button on the above message to enter the rest of your information. You will see the actual member data page (not shown here). Be sure to insert your PMA provider’s information:

PMA Provider’s Name: Kirsten Potter

PMA Provider’s Email:

Once you have entered the requested information you are done. Save the page and log out of your member account at the top right of your screen. You can return to your account at any time to edit, add photos etc., by going to

Thanks for becoming part of the international PMA Family!


Q. I’m having computer problems with the online form… What can I do?

A. No problem, here is another option for you:

Click here to download and sign the Member Agreement – If you select this option you can email the signed form to us at Or you can fax it to us at 1-888-765-5415

 You can also call us at 1-970-818-8235 for help. 


Q. Why do I need to sign this form?

A. The PMA form protects both you and the practitioner from malicious or negligent intent or misconduct. So it’s a win-win situation. (And basically a “no-brainer”)

For YOU: You can contact the licensing board directly to either file a complaint, or to verify that a PMA practitioner obtains an active license in good standing. Unfortunately there are “natural health practitioners” out there who see the growing demand by the public for natural remedies, and who will give careless or even false information – which can be harmful to people. The PMA recognizes this, and has set up a fully legal regulatory system to make sure all natural practitioners are not only complying with the law, but also accountable to the governing board for moral, ethical and safe standards of conduct with each client/patient.

For US: We also get protection from malicious or negligent intent or misconduct. Although there is rapidly growing demand for the public to have access to natural health care and prevention, many in this country are opposed, and even violently opposed to it. There are known organizations who pay people all across this country to scout out, viscously harass (publicly and privately), and even prosecute those who are practicing natural health care. Many of these cases have been thrown out due to the numerous false accusations by the “scouts”. But by that time, with the amount of court costs, loss of time, and false accusations, the natural health care practitioner may have already unjustly lost his or her business and/or life savings.

NOTE: The same organizations who hire these “scouts”, also hire lobbyists to try and pass bills that will eliminate or severely restrict your lawful right to any and all natural health care options, including nutritional supplements. They feel we should not have a choice as to how to care for our bodies and prevent illness.


Q. Are you against conventional or “regular” health care?

A. No, not at all! In this country we have the best of both worlds. We have access to both eastern and western medicine. To conventional and natural approaches – And for that we are grateful!

Many people we work with are in favor of conventional health care for emergencies and severe situations. But whenever possible, they want to avoid drugs and surgeries, while using diet and lifestyle as their “preventive medicine”.

There is a noticeably large and increasing demand for people to be able to get to the ROOT OF THEIR SYMPTOMS. People are becoming more and more educated on their health, and subsequently they want know WHY they don’t feel well. They also want to take responsibility for their health and lifestyle choices.

People are becoming educated and empowered!

We at Natural Thyroid Healing believe in safe and natural health care practices that not only allow for, but also encourage each individual to chose the type(s) of care that they are most comfortable with.

“Safe, natural health care is not intended
to replace conventional medicine, it is
simply a better choice for non emergency,
routine and chronic illness!” -PMA


Q. I’ve been looking for a physician that takes my insurance, but who will also respect my preference for natural choices. Can I find those here?

A. Yes, you will be able to search for M.D.’s, D.O.’s, D.C.’s , etc., in the PMA directory.


Q. Do I have to sign a new form for each PMA practitioner that I work with?

A. No. You only need to sign ONE form.


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If you require assistance please call us at


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