Natural treatments for hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue.

Getting to the ROOT of your problem

Do you want to know why you’re not getting better?

It’s because you are chasing and treating the SYMPTOMS, instead of the real ROOT issues!

The problems will keep coming back like weeds, until you address them at their ROOTS!

Kirsten’s clients find that when they get to the ROOT of their problems, not only do they get their energy and metabolism back… But typically a whole list of other complaints (that they didnt even know where related) get resolved too!

Why Do Most People Prefer
to Work with Kirsten?

  • They are tired of not getting answers to why they feel this way.
  • They just want something that WORKS!
  • They believe their body can heal, and they want to have someone help them do that.
  • They aren’t sure what labs to run… or how to eat… or which supplements are safe…
  • They just don’t have time to do it all… They like having a clear next step, and the work done for them.
  • They tend to cave into the current trends in the media, which take them in circles, and they just want to learn from someone who has traveled the SAME path to healing, and who has helped countless other people do the same, and who can direct them there quickly and confidently.

Here are just a few of the examples of results possible from working with Kirsten:

  • Waking up feeling REFRESHED!
  • Feeling alert, energetic and capable all day (Being productive!)
  • Getting rid of irritability, mood swings and hormone imbalances
  • Improving relationships, goals and dreams…
  • Losing weight (naturally, without all the drama)
  • Eliminating bloating, constipation, gas, and other digestive issues
  • Having healthy skin, hair and nails…
  • Getting a good solid nights sleep
  • Feeling like themselves again!
… In the process of working on getting rid of my fatigue, we got rid of my sleep issues, digestive issues, mood swings and boosted my metabolism! It’s because we got to the ROOT of my issues. Treating the symptoms got me nowhere, for 10 + years. I am so thankful to find someone who knows how to listen to the body and get to the ROOT issues! There is no other way to go! – L.P. from Long Beach, California

Kirstens programs are designed to get directly to the
ROOT of the problem(s) and help you heal QUICKLY.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Are you frustrated with your healing process?
  • Have you been struggling, going from cure to cure, from doctor to doctor?
  • Are you still waiting for some REAL answers?


I have been there… And I have found LASTING HEALING! I know the way!

Programs Available

I have several step-by-step programs available to help you get to the root of your symptoms and find lasting healing – from free webinars with Q&A training to group and private programs.

You’ll find one that is PERFECT for you.

Exclusive 1:1 Coaching Programs

Exclusive coaching programs are 3 to 6 months long, and are customized for your needs and lifestyle.

This option is perfect for you if you have several nagging symptoms you need to address, and you want more personal and frequent support in your diet and lifestyle to promote lasting healing.

*You do not need to have any understanding of the body, health or nutrition for this program.

1:1 UNLIMITED Program

This is just what it sounds like! Get unlimited support for your main complaint, for one flat fee!

This option is perfect for you if you have a single main health complaint, and you want get to the ROOT issues and have it GONE NOW!

*You need to have some basic understanding of the body, health and nutrition for this program.

7-Week Group Classes

My 7 week group classes are the perfect choice for those who want results, help and community in a do-it-yourself environment.

*These classes are offered periodically.

PCX™ Personalized Body Chemistry Assessments

Are you getting enough water, or maybe too much? Is it the right kind of water for your body type? What times of the day can your body handle sugar? What minerals (if any) are you lacking in? Are there any vitamins that your body is not able to assimilate? Do you produce enough enzymes? Is your pH causing constipation or loss of nutrients? What foods are causing you a loss of energy? Are you retaining water? Are you prone to tumor growths? Is your blood too thick or too thin? Is your blood able to carry enough oxygen? Are you prone to hypoglycemia? Is your heart under stress? Are you accumulating dead cells or toxins in your body?

PCX™ Body Chemistry testing will give us these answers, plus much more!

*We have distance testing available in some states

In all of my programs and classes, we focus on getting to the ROOT issues.  I will provide you with things like documents, chart graphs, shopping guides, study guides, and free home tests.  And I encourage you to ask questions!

I can also order your lab work, such as your thyroid panel, adrenal stress profile, metabolic panel, food sensitivity test, and more!

Work with Kirsten Now!

*We do not accept insurance.

Hourly Consulting for Health Professionals

If you are a health professional working with clients/patients, and you would like assistance on getting to the ROOT issue of a challenging case you have, I offer consulting fees by the hour and half hour.

Examples of professions I’ve worked with:

  • Nurses
  • Chiropractors
  • Nutritionists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Health Coaches
  • Wellness Coaches