Client success stories and testimonials for Kirsten Potter and Natural Thyroid Healing.

Here’s what our happy clients have to say about working with Kirsten Potter and Natural Thyroid Healing.

  • Bruce Newman Photo E1396724844983

    Bruce found ALL-DAY energy!

    "I feel energetic in the morning, right out of bed! And it lasts throughout they day!"

    How I felt PRIOR to working with Kirsten:

    Headaches: Nothing could touch them. The headaches would affect me so much that I would feel ill and have to “sleep it off”. Dizziness and lightheadedness would often accompany the headaches. The doctors found “nothing significant”.
    Heart "pain" like a dull ache and/or chest tightness.
    Craving for sweets, especially at night.
    Strenuous work causing fatigue.
    Exhaustion in the morning. Would take a while for me to get going in the morning.
    Increased sensitivity to cold temperatures.
    Some brain fog. Not as mentally sharp as I normally was. Was forgetting details.

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  • Crop

    Ana shares about her fat loss, improved memory and all day energy!

    "4 weeks ago I was a size 10/12, now I fit comfortably into a size 8!"

    I'm only part-way through my program, and look at my list of improvements already:

    1. More energy - I used to take naps in the afternoon, but I can't do that anymore because I have more energy now! (ALL DAY) 2. Losing inches off my waste - 4 weeks ago I was a size 10/12, now I fit comfortably into a size 8! 3. Improved memory - I can go grocery shopping without a list now!

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  • Brittany A.

    Brittany shares how she got her energy and life back again!

    "Within the first few weeks I began to notice changes, and by the time two months had gone by-most of my symptoms were gone!"

    Before working with Kirsten, I was tired and had nearly no energy to do anything-but maybe one thing a day. Also, I was “down” much more and got frequent stomach aches. This was my list of symptoms:

    Tired ALL Day... Digestive issues and stomach pain... Throat hurting and feeling tight... Can’t fall asleep before 2am... Feeling tired and wired in the evenings, hard to wind down... Heart beats really fast, triggered by doing exercise and too tired to exercise... Clothes feel uncomfortable... Weight gain - for no reason... Cold hands and feet... Acne... Emotional - crying more easily... Tiredness causing depression and lack of motivation (Too tired to do things)... Increased worry and anxiety - I’m not myself... Dizzy when standing up... Out of breath easily... Dry mouth - hard to swallow...

    I had been seeing another doctor before to help me with these issues, and so I was a little unsure about switching to someone new. But it was not hard at all! The information I got from the first time I talked with Kirsten gave me an understanding about what was wrong - plus what I needed to do to fix it. So I became excited to get started!

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  • Nancy K

    N. Elin shares how supporting her adrenals is what helped her thyroid medication to work!

    "Just 2 days after starting my adrenal support, I was feeling great again!"

    For years I had hypothyroid symptoms, but the doctors told me I was "fine", because my labs were "normal". But I was definitely NOT fine! Finally, my thyroid condition got bad enough where it started showing up on "their" thyroid tests. And I was a mess! I was so exhausted, that I was missing out on life in every way. It even changed my personality - I was not myself. Initially, I felt better taking thyroid medication, but only lasted a couple months. Then my old symptoms started coming back, plus it seemed I could always feel my heart beating, and I'd feel light-headed pretty often. I didn't understand why I was going down-hill! The doctors would keep changing the dose of my medication, but that did not help. It usually made it worse...

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  • Donna Lemons Pic E1379211754190

    Donna shares about her transformation

    "I lost 20 pounds... Gained my energy back... And I feel so much better!"

    When I started the program with Kirsten I had just graduated from the Institute of Integrative nutrition. Previous to my wellness coaching training, I ran a natural foods bakery and café for 30 years. I knew how to prepare delicious and nutritious food using local and organic ingredients, and I even knew what I could have done to help myself, yet I was not doing it. My problem was I did not know when to stop eating those foods, and I got up to be over 200 pounds; was addicted to sugar and stress. I managed to lose 40 pounds on my own previous to working with Kristen but was struggling to lose any more. Before I found Kirsten, my weight loss was stumped; I was having trouble balancing my energy, blood sugar levels and blood pressure, I had adrenal fatigue and was hypoglycemic. After listening to several of Kirstin’s Webinars and reading her well informed emails and website, I was convinced that she had the knowledge and the passion to help me.

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  • Danielle B Testimonial

    Danielle shares about her incredible turnaround.

    "I began feeling better after just one week...Working with Kirsten has changed my life!"

    I always considered myself an individual who lived a healthy lifestyle—and for the most part I was. After all, I ate a vegetarian diet, exercised routinely, and used organic health and beauty products. About a year ago, something began to change. I noticed I was getting sick more often and always felt run down. Most prominent, however, was the unbearable fatigue. I could barely get through my days. With an overloaded schedule, I simply blamed the tiredness on overexertion, but as the schedule lightened and the fatigue grew worse, I knew something was drastically wrong.

    Having the opportunity to work with Kirsten has changed my life. I began feeling better after just one week of taking the supplements that she tailored specifically for my needs. Today, two months since I began working with Kirsten, I have done a complete 180 degree turn around.

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  • Gisella A Testimonial

    Gisella shares how she lost 22 pounds and has more energy after working with Kirsten Potter

    "Energy throughout the day and lost 22 pounds without dieting"

    I never, ever had a problem with my weight before. I have always loved to eat, buy yet was slim and in shape with lots of energy. I never had to worry about gaining a pound. Well, until I reached the age of 26 that is when my body & metabolism started to change – something in my body wasn’t feeling quite the same. I had a very stressful job; I was in sales and was constantly stressed and tensed. I traveled frequently, ate out due to the nature of the job and had no time to exercise.

    To make a long story short, I thought I could take care of it with a better diet and lifestyle. I thought I was eating healthy – after all, I loved my veggies & fruits. And I got plenty of sleep, but yet, I was still exhausted ALL the time. I had absolutely NO energy! I just couldn’t lose the weight, and I was tired and irritable with little patience. This fatigue that I felt had absolutely taken over me! I just didn’t have the energy to “thrive” and to get my tasks & goals accomplished anymore.

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  • Hannah Testimonial

    Hanna shares how working with Kirsten helped her feel better almost immediately

    "It was so exciting to see the pieces fall into place, and I began to feel improvements almost immediately."

    Before I began working with Kirsten, I struggled with various health issues that affected my ability to live the life I wanted. Although I had been on a journey of healing for several years and had experienced small improvements along the way, I wanted more. I wanted to feel healthy, energized and well; instead my body felt exhausted, my brain felt “foggy”, and my emotions felt out of control.

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  • J.Hawkins Testimonial

    Joel shares how amazing he feels now after working with Kirsten.

    "I sleep through the night now, lost 15 pounds and 2 inches off my waist...all without dieting"

    Kirsten helped me get to my real root issues right away, and within a few weeks I was already feeling better.

    I run a business that keeps me extremely busy, so I needed something that I could actually do. Kirsten understood that, and everything she gave me was doable. It was especially easy because I could see results every step of the way. I lost 15 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. I’m back in my 34‘s again, and I don't have a belt that fits me. And this was without dieting!

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