Results: Low-Moderate Risk

You have a Low-Moderate Risk of Hypothyroidism – Now what?

Would you like some help figuring out:  What tests to run? How to interpret your results?  How to eat?Cold Woman - shutterstock_133349384

Yes, I figured you would.  So I’m here to help – at no charge!

Complimentary Thyroid Revival Session – Request Form

I have a limited number of Thyroid Revival Sessions that I can give away right now, and you can request yours now by clicking on the link above:

Now keep in mind that you can have hypothyroidism even while you are on thyroid medication.

Whether you are on thyroid medication or not, there is a reason that you are experiencing these symptoms!

Your body is telling you that there is a problem. Thankfully, the earlier you catch it, the faster you can recover!


If you have any questions regarding your symptoms, and you would like to talk with me 1:1 to get some answers and clear next steps, then just click below to apply for a Complimentary

Thyroid Revival Session

 I have a limited number of these sessions to give away!

Just tell me a little about your condition and when you’re available to talk.

I know what it’s like to be in your shoes, and to need answers!  And that’s why I’m here for you.

  Some common hypothyroid symptoms that you can get rid of with proper help are:
Weight gain… Hair loss… Constipation… Feeling cold… Depression… Skin problems… Headaches… Cholesterol problems… Fatigue… And much more! 
You DON”T have to stay this way!IMG_0072_lo_res
I look forward to helping you get to your root issues and feel like yourself again!
To your good health!
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Disclaimer: This assessment is a screening tool that is designed to help you determine if you may be a likely candidate for Adrenal Fatigue.  It is not intended to diagnose disease, cure disease, or replace the medical advice of your physician.